About Us

In summary, BTSc is an entertainment-specialized Metaverse platform that is user-led on the Blockchain basis. We want to get out of the simple business of Cryptocurrency and systematize the entire culture and arts industry on the basis of this blockchain and build its ecosystem. And we will distribute the value of content through the NFT market to implement these platforms sustainably. NFT distribution is the surest way to safely protect copyrights. Also, Metaverse and NFT are not separate businesses. It means building an NFT service that can be implemented on Metaverse. BTSc Metaverse will become a completely independent entertainment platform by integrating NFT.


Any creator can easily register and update works and promote them through their community and SNS. The most important part is that creators can transparently check the distribution process of their works, and the resulting profits can also be allocated fairly.


From the perspective of distributors, BTSc Platform can receive effective supply and demand forecast information and provides a structure that allows suppliers and consumers to receive fees through BTSc Token. Information on accurate usage and propensity for consumers is an indicator of preparation and demand for the cultural industry next year.


Consumers can participate in various ecosystem processes within the BTSc platform and enjoy a very useful environment to enjoy or share works or music because they can only work with BTSc, a virtual currency used internally.

About Us

BTSc Operating policy

The best objective of BTSc is to realize Metaverse World, a virtual space where content creators and people who want to enjoy it with others gather, so that everyone can enjoy a variety of cultural experience together.

The purpose of BTSc is to create a content culture and arts ecosystem where all human can share various content cultures, experience cultural benefits, and share the mental and physical satisfaction by providing a new opportunity for young people who want to produce content or become artists and various opportunities for existing creators.

  • A service for everyone who produces and distributes media content.
  • Exclusive concert hall for live concert in virtual space.
  • Anyone can meet and talk and provide fun elements.
  • Providing exhibition, transaction, and storage services for users' NFT assets.
  • Placement of various personal spaces in the Metaverse.

VR , AR & Smart contract

BTSc Platform uses AR and VR technology, one of the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, to provide a virtual space gallery service that allows users to view or share content registered with BTSc Platform. This virtual space gallery allows you to watch videos or listen to music anytime, anywhere, so you can expand the area of the exhibition space.

Unlike offline exhibition spaces, virtual space galleries can provide additional explanations using sound sources and text, and in the case of the latest works, they can record and provide the artist's words. In particular, for new works, in-house promotional services can be used within virtual space galleries without separate promotional marketing, so you can promote new works very efficiently.




BTSc Culture Community provides the first comprehensive cultural and artistic PLATFORM to develop excellent artists through systematic and specialized academy content, hold auditions and exhibitions in partnership with famous Korean agencies, and help them debut as new artists in various fields.

It provides content for those who want to learn K-POP dance systematically from audition preparation to hobbies.


BTSc Culture Community operates win-win content that can create synergy effects on business promotion and sales growth through star marketing in partnership with businesses run by users. It is a royalty deferred payment method that uses the portrait rights of stars affiliated with BTSc to promote the company and products and distributes profits to artists based on the sales generated.

Companies using BTSc can promote efficiently using stars because they only need to use artists' portrait rights to generate a lot of sales and pay for portrait rights in proportion to sales without investing heavily in the beginning.

Art music ranking contents

Rankings are classified into daily, weekly, and monthly rankings and are convenient for consumers. The BTSc Platform ranking chart is determined by the sum of quarterly, semi-annual, and annual data as well as the aggregated ranking data. Albums and music are combined and released in a comprehensive ranking, and annual charts are serviced based on big data. Artists registered weekly, monthly, and yearly in BTSc Platform's King & Queen rankings will also be provided with events to enhance their activity opportunities and star quality on the platform.

NFT Market

How Smart Contracts Works

If you register your artwork on the platform for this transaction, it will be automatically minted in the NFT Token method and registered in the final auction system through a separate internal team's creative review process. After registering and reviewing works in a registration service called Contents Investor Relations (CIR), they are released to general users, and investors systematize themselves to invest autonomously based on transparent and fair investment information on creations registered in CIR. Like Crypto Current transactions, works registered in this way can be purchased through BTSc NFT Market or sold through auction. The value of these works is calculated in real time in response to various market conditions, including consumer interest, utilization, and frequency of use, and copyright can be purchased and sold through BTSc NFT Market.

How it Work

BTSc Feature

Once this environment is established, anyone can have the opportunity to become the creator and owner of content through BTSc Platform, and a concept of a combination of sharing and ownership will be formed. To have this influence, BTSc Platform has secured a group of experts in the culture and arts industry and continues to expand its infrastructure by partnering with various related organizations and artists, including associations, producers, and distributors of the culture and arts industry.

BTSc Platform will build a comprehensive trading structure for products related to culture and arts, and will provide fair opportunities for ordinary consumers to purchase and share products.


Feature is Simple

To realize this, we would like to create a safer and more reliable E-Trading System based on the world's first blockchain and NFT systems. The core technology of the E-Trading System within the BTSc Platform allows multiple people to share and own cultural and artistic products such as stocks, and can be distributed and operated reliably and safely on a blockchain basis.

Provide young people who want to become artists with opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

Providing concerts, music sources, and video writers with opportunities for various creative activities and a space.

Direct support for creative materials, equipment, and exhibitions to artists such as movies, dramas, and music.

Through funding, it generates profits by operating a video and music appreciation and transaction platform, and contributes to revitalizing culture and arts by supporting more creative activities with these proceeds.

Create an environment where various cultural and artistic contents can be naturally harmonized with culture and arts by providing general users.

Whenever a user buys a work of culture and art or owns and appreciates a digital work of culture and art, the artist of the work is rewarded. This is controlled by a distributed system objectified by the NFT method, and proceeds and royalties are automatically settled through a smart contract.

Introduces fair evaluation of works so that artists can be recognized for their legitimate value and earn appropriate income, and minimizes distribution networks between artists and users in an NFT manner to maximize profits from creative activities.

Metaverse ?

Industries to focus on in the post-COVID-19era, Metaverse

In other words, Metaverse is a platform that enables all daily activities, including work, play, shopping, and conversation, in a 3D virtual space. Currently, as science and technology develop day by day, AR and VR have been introduced, and accordingly, the virtual world has become incomparably sophisticated.

In the report "Metaverse Platform Status and Prospects" published by Software Policy Research Institute (SPRi), Metaverse is introduced as a term that first appeared in Neil Stevenson's novel "Snow Crash" published in 1992. The American Future Studies Association (ASF) classified the scope of Metaverse in more detail in 2006, which began with the meaning of "a 3D virtual world acting as an avatar."


BTSc METAVERSE NFT Culture Community

BTSc Culture Community provides users with opportunities to experience various cultures and arts through various contents related to music, videos, webtoons, and movies. Various contents are available in BTSc Culture Community using BTSc Token as a payment method. All contents can be purchased through BTSc Token and exchanged as gifts through "Gift".

BTSc Token presents transaction standards at BTSc Culture Community so that both artists and users do not have any inconvenience in purchasing and artistic contents at BTSc Culture Community.


NFT Trading System

This NFT system provides a trading platform and crowdfunding platform that directly connects the value of the work with investors interested in artists and works of art. It is designed to provide an environment for artists who are subscribed to this platform to devote themselves to creation and to experience a system that allows them to receive legitimate rewards for their creations. We propose an environment where investors in artworks can experience the joy of sharing return on investment and value by providing a safe trading system and investment systems.

By providing investment opportunities for these works of art to ordinary users who can only make small investments, it provides opportunities to access them and cultural consumption opportunities to own works of art and creations at low cost and participate in various exhibitions.


AR is a technology that combines digital information with reality. AR includes a smartphone photo app that puts virtual sunglasses or hats on the user's face, or an app that allows 3D furniture to be placed in an empty space.

Life logging

Life logging refers to the act of recording and sharing daily experiences and information in text, images, and videos within a digital space. SNS such as Facebook and Instagram also is life logging.

The mirror world

The mirror world is a concept that emphasizes information, especially while realistically showing the reality. A case in point is the Google Earth service, which periodically provides changing images throughout the Earth.

The virtual world

The virtual world is a space where users can participate in social activities through avatars within a new or similar world to the digitally created reality. This is the Metaverse service, including ZEPETO or Roblox, which is currently attracting attention.


Coin spec

Token available

1,200,000,000 BTSc

Nominal price

0.01 USD

Token private sale

20% (Bonus up to 30%)

Token Sale

10% (pre-sale)

Soft cap

ETH 50,000

Hard cap

ETH 250,000

Currency Accepted


Token format

ERC 20, BITCOIN Unlimited Based

Emission rat

No Further tokens will be created

BTSc Token issuance plan

  • Token sales
  • Marketing
  • Mining pool
  • Advisor & Team
  • Developer
  • Co-founder
  • BTSc fund

BTSc platform development cost

  • BTSc platform development cost
  • Marketing and operation
  • Project development and contents
  • Reserve fund
  • Law firm, Accounting firm, KYC
  • Listing Fee




  • Token Launch
  • Private Sales


  • Launch PR Campaign for BTSc token sales
  • Pre-sales 1


  • Pre-sales 2
  • Present Alpha version of BTSc Platform
  • Launch PR campaign for BTSc Platform


  • Complete service company structure


  • ICO
  • Launch Beta version of BTSc Platform

    -1 languae, 10+FINE ART / COPYRIGHT



  • Complete coin development
  • List on cryptocurrency exchange
  • Updated Beta version of BTSc Platform

    - 5+languages, 100+FINE ART / COPYRIGHT



  • Token to coin hardfork

    - Migrate tokens to blockchain system

  • Starting of the scheduled phase 'Ice Age'


  • Grand opening of BTSc Platform

    - Starting of the scheduled phase 'Proof of Stake'



  • Plans after May 2019 are surely there, but it will be too presumptuous to present them by stages and months, the main planned stages are:

    - Multichannel marketing campaign

    - Increase in customer base

    - Expansion of the range of fine art / copyright



  • Mainnet Server Migration to Singapore
  • Burn 100 million coins


  • Established NFT research center
  • Global Metaverse Solution Agreement
  • Entered the mining pool business for Chinese services


  • Formation of METAVERSE project team and global investment group
  • Established a new corporation for BTSc Metaverse NFT


  • BTSc NFT Service construction completed.
  • Start preparing for the establishment of JFLEX


  • Completed establishment of JFLEX. Completed project acquisition agreement.
  • Metaverse service registration
  • Opened the first NFT site


  • JFLEX Metaverse world scheduled to open.
  • Eunmi Lee's online concert will be held.
  • Live ice hockey will be broadcast.


  • Online idol audition scheduled.
  • Media metaverse scheduled to open.


To guarantee the basic rights of content creators and artists, BTSc will fundamentally block illegal copying by introducing blockchain-based technology and transparently manage the distribution network of artworks to protect copyrights and guarantee artists' legitimate rights.

We want to create a balanced culture and arts ecosystem where content creators, distributors, and customers can all coexist by simply and transparently reorganizing the complex distribution situation of the content culture and arts market to eliminate unfair transactions and improve the polarization of wealth.

White Paper